Central Wisconsin Trapshooting Association
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January 2016
The business meeting of the CWTA was held October 16, 2014 at Weston.

Many thanks to Don Wagner for his years of service to the CWTA, member
clubs, and shooters! Bert Pieper is the new CWTA secretary.  His contact info is
available on the "Officers" page.

The schedule has been set for 2015, with no change in options or fees.

New this season:  
ALL shooters will be required to fill out a form providing the
CWTA with their ATA/PITA number.  Shooters who have never been a member
of either organization must fill out the form certifying this.

This information is being gathered to ensure yardage accuracy and automate
CWTA reductions in future seasons.  Forms will be available at the shoots, and
online shortly.

The CWTA reduction rule was changed to read as follows:

Reductions:  Maximum reduction is 1 yard per season.  Shooters receiving a
CWTA punch in the current or previous CWTA season may not be reduced
(2014/2015) . Shooters having an equal or greater registered yardage are not
eligible for reductions. Inactive registered shooters (minimum 2 years) are
eligible. Shooters wishing to receive a reduction must apply for it prior to
shooting their first CWTA targets of the season or it will not be granted.

Please see the Schedule page to find
directions/results for our member clubs.

The CWTA is a traveling winter trap league
made up of  seven member clubs in central
Wisconsin.  Individuals shoot 50 target
events (25 singles and 25 handicap
targets).  No team is required except for our
5 man team shoot.
Email: admin@cwtatrap.com to receive email
notification of site updates.
The Championship shoot at Weston is now complete and results are available HERE.  Be sure to refresh your
browser while on the page to view the new links.